In the village "Beje wo ahumi" Gordon grew up in the Odametey-family, who is well known for it's excellent drumming and dance. Influenced by his grandfather, a famous herbalist, he recognized early the healing power of special spoken words and drumrhythms, espacially the "heartbeat-rhythms". "The power of the healing rhythms of my music is the power of the elements - water, air, earth and fire - and the power within erotics." In his younger days he was known in Ghana and West Africa as an excellent drummer. He teached drumming, first to africans, then also to europeans in a drummingschool outside from Accra, today in Berlin and elsewhere. Since 1985 Gordon lives in Germany. Here he performed with various groups, for example "No Fears", "Bibiba", "Root B. Tama", "The World Music Orchestra" and "Senegambigha". He founded the group "Ogidi Gidi", with which he toured with "Black Uhuru" and "The Wailers" and performed on TV. He also played with other drummers like Mustapha Tettey Addy and Aja Addy. He performed with the well-known dancer Koffi Koko - composing and playing the musical rhythms. He also composes percussion - rhythms for different musicians. Last but not least he proved his talent in numerous solo-concerts in Berlin, Basel, Vienna, Paris, New Orleans, Hongkong ... "Drumming concernes like dancing and singing to the oldest cultural forms of the human being. They are mediators between the spirit and the matter and elementary expression of live itself, of pleasure and love, of sadness and pain, of birth and death, of heaven and earth." Based on the tradition and his long experience in so many various musical trends from all over the world, Gordon Odametey has developed his very own style and art. He posses great talent and originality !




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